How We Got Started

A long time ago, we started a family. At about the time we were expecting our second child, we started a business. This venture came about because we were frustrated at not being able to find greeting cards that said what we wanted to say. Our walk with the Lord had taken us to places that both challenged us with ways to grow, and encouraged us with support from our church family and friends. We wanted to express our deeply held beliefs and convictions in verses that reflected them. We were young, with little business experience, and enough naiveté to boldly step into the wrong (secular) marketplace with the wrong (religious) product. While attending a trade show, we were fortunate enough to meet someone who saw potential in our product and knew where we should be. Our introduction to the Christian marketing network began our adventure in sharing our walk with the God we love and worship, and a family business that has sustained us and our eight children.

Over the years, our card line has grown and continued to reflect many of our life experiences. Our Miscarriage card was created with the questions and tears of a twin pregnancy that ended too early. The verse reflects where this journey took us and our own path to healing. 20 years ago, when our dear friends lost a child in a terrible car accident, our own attempts to comfort them became a sympathy card that we still carry today. The footprints of our third child still adorn the Birth Congratulations card that was written in our kitchen, and designed with a stamp pad and the two precious feet of our newborn child.

We are not a "Hallmark" success story, and never will be. We are just two folks who continue to try to respond to what the Lord asks us to do. While we still have verses to write that express God's work in our lives, we will continue to design and print cards. We are not young anymore, but as long as we have breath, we will proclaim what God has done for us!  We hope you will find cards in these pages that will bless your life and those you choose to send them to.

Thanks for visiting!

Gary and Kathy Brennan